Tom Kremer

1930 – 2017

The Missing Heart of Europe

“Voters have been clamouring for an honest discussion of the issues behind the Euro decision and Britain’s relationship with Europe ... This profound, perceptive and delightfully readable book is an answer to their prayers.” – Anatole Kaletsky.


“A tour-de-force of sharp insights and original ideas from a Hungarian who has lived here more than fifty years – the work is controversial, provocative, and accessible to the widest readership.”

from the Introduction by Frederic Raphael

We are called on to make one of the most critical decisions in this island’s history. The choice we are facing is to leave or remain members of the European Union. If we choose to stay, the next question is imperative: what kind of Europe are we ready to accept?


The book that follows gives a profound but easily understood answer to this question. It highlights simply the underlying realities that make us both part of, and separate to, the continent of Europe. The history of the last eight hundred years demonstrates with utter clarity that Britain has been, and will always remain, semi-detached.


Written in 2004 it is incredible how relevant this work still is today – a “must read” giving an insight into Tom Kremer’s passion for this country, his deep knowledge of the eccentric and concentric characters within Europe and his irrepressible humour.

If English humour is taken to be a sea, other cultures may at best possess a modest lake while the less fortunate have perhaps a garden pond. Roughly the same proportions apply when it comes to quality, variety, originality, sophistication and depth. Laughing is part of human nature; people of all nations find things occasionally funny and develop their own comic dimension; but nowhere else in the world does humour form so essential or all-pervasive a part of daily life. It is one of the defining qualities of the British character. In adversity, stress, frustration, disappointment, when fighting hopeless odds, there is always that comical turn of phrase,  that  joke, that amusing remark to release tension, elicit laughter, gain breathing space and so allow a more detached view to be taken of an apparent catastrophe.

Can the Union survive?

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