Tom Kremer

A writer like no other

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Through Tom Kremer’s brilliant collection of writings you will discover an entirely new world and appreciate a viewpoint like no other. All five books featured above are available as e-books from Notting Hill Editions – The Home of the Essay – founded by Tom to re-introduce the Essay into the publishing world.


Tom's collective writings offer fascinating observations on History, Politics, Europe, Business and the Mysteries of the Mind.


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Language of the Night

Missing Heart of Europe



Opening the Bolted Door

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Explore these three areas of Tom’s life ...

Tom Kremer began his life in Transylvania, home to the fictional Dracula. His life is shaped by the experience of being held prisoner in Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in Germany during the Second World War.  From this amazing survival, Tom became a successful entrepreneur, and is credited with being the man who brought the Rubik‘s Cube to the world.